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Prud'homme Covered Bridge (Pont Prud'homme) - Brébeuf, Quebec

  South of Mont-Tremblant, Quebec between QC Routes 323 and 327 in the town of Brébeuf in the Laurentides region of Quebec is the Prud'homme Covered Bridge (or Pont Prud'homme, in French), and the bridge crosses the Devils River (or  Rivière du Diable, in French ). Built by Bernardin Durocher in 1918 using a Town truss design that is common for covered bridges in Quebec, the Prud'homme Covered Bridge is 145 feet long and was built at a cost of $6,000. As you can see, there are openings in the lattice work of the paneling, which was designed to help to bring light inside the bridge. These openings also helped avoid horses becoming fearful of their surroundings as they across down the bridge. The Prud'homme Covered Bridge was first called the Bridge of the Armistice as construction was completed and the bridge opened on November 11, 1918, the same day that World War I ended. The bridge was later named the David Bridge until 1957. At that time, it was renamed in honor of t

The 1926-1934 Los Angeles-Redlands Corridor of former US Route 99

When the US Route System was created during November 1926 the plotted alignment of US Route 99 barely skirted the City of Los Angeles.  US Route 99 originally followed what was Legislative Route Number 9 via a multiplex of US Route 66 from Pasadena to San Bernardino.  From San Bernardino US Route 99 branched from US Route 66 following Legislative Route Number 26 towards Redlands.  The corridor of US Route 99 was realigned onto a multiplex of US Route 60 and US Route 70 beginning in downtown Los Angeles towards Redlands starting in 1935.  Pictured above is a sketch map of the proposed realignment of US Route 99 off Legislative Route Number 9 onto Legislative Route Number 26 in the Los Angeles-Redlands corridor submitted to the American Association of State Highway Officials during September 1934.   This blog is part of the larger Gribblenation US Route 99 Page.  For more information pertaining to the other various segments of US Route 99 and it's three-digit child routes check out t