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Great Basin National Park and early US Route 6 through Baker

Great Basin National Park is located in White Pine County, Nevada and is one of the most obscure units maintained by National Park Service.  The history of Great Basin National Park tied heavily to the Lehman Caves which were designated a National Monument during 1922.  Early US Route 6 provided access to Lehman Caves National Monument when it replaced Nevada State Route 14 through the community of Baker during 1937.  Lehman Caves National Monument would go on to be designated Great Basin National Park during 1986.  Early US Route 6 in eastern Nevada can be seen co-signed with Nevada State Route 14 through Baker near Lehman Caves National Monument on the 1937 Official Road Map of the State of Nevada .  Part 1; the history of Great Basin National Park and early US Route 6 through Baker Great Basin National Park lies within the boundaries of White Pine County in the Snake Range.  Great Basin National Park largely overlaps the Snake Range which is the second highest chain of mountains in

Virginia's Natural Bridge State Park

  Steeped in geologic and human history, the Natural Bridge in Rockbridge County, Virginia could be considered one of the oldest bridges in the world. Since the settling of North America, Natural Bridge has served as one of the most recognizable icons of the wonders of nature in the United States. It has been revered by the likes of Thomas Jefferson, who purchased land in the area. It was the subject of several paintings by artists and is now the site of Natural Bridge State Park, allowing visitors from all over to witness the power and beauty of nature. The 215 foot tall Natural Bridge itself is a remnant of a cave roof that collapsed. Geologists map the bedrock of Natural Bridge as part of the Beekmantown Formation, roughly 450 years old. It forms a remnant arch, however, the formation of the arch that forms Natural Bridge is much more recent. The arch may have developed only in the last 500,000 to 1,000,000 years. As rainwater seeped underground, it absorbed carbon dioxide and becam