Former US Route 101 through Soledad

Soledad is a city located on the Salinas River of Monterey County which is presently bypassed by the freeway alignment of US Route 101.  US Route 101 originally entered Soledad northbound over the Salinas River via Nestles Road and Front Street.  US Route 101 was realigned onto an extension of Front Street via an underpass of the Southern Pacific Railroad during 1936.  The freeway alignment of US Route 101 in Soledad opened in 1960 and much of the former surface alignment became part of the western segment of California State Route 146 in 1964.  Pictured as the blog cover above is US Route 101 on Front Street as depicted in the July/August 1958 California Highways & Public Works.  US Route 101 appears below on Nestles Road and Front Street on the  1935 Division of Highways Map of Monterey County .   Part 1; the history of US Route 101 in Soledad Soledad traces its origin to the establishment of the Catholic Mission of  Nuestra SeƱora de la Soledad on October 9, 1791,  in Salinas Va
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