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Italian Bar Road (Road 225) east through the Geographic Center of California to the 1925 Italian Bar Bridge

This past week I took a day trip out to remote Madera County, California on Italian Bar Road (signed as Road 225) to the 1925 Italian Bar Bridge.  On the way to the 1925 Italian Bar Bridge I passed through the Geographic Center of California.

Italian Bar Road is an approximately 16 mile Madera County Highway which begins at North Fork and travels east/southeast over the San Joaquin River into Fresno County via the 1925 Italian Bar Bridge to Jose Basin Road.   Italian Bar Road is now signed as Road 225 and largely routed through Sierra National Forest.

Italian Bar Road likely was constructed to ease access to Big Creek Hydroelectric Powerhouse #3 and #8.  Big Creek Powerhouse #8 was completed by 1921 followed Big Creek Powerhouse #3 in 1923.  Given the road access to both Powerhouses would have been from the Fresno County side of the San Joaquin River having a crossing via what is now the 1925 Italian Bar Bridge would have been a far more direct route.  During the 1920s there was still…
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Portland Road and Cityscape

This month I visited the City of Portland, Oregon.  That being the case I took the chance to partake in much of it's infrastructure of the city while exploring the cityscape.

Portland is the 25th largest City in the United States by population at approximately 653,000 residents.  Portland is by far the largest City in Oregon and the Multnomah County Seat.  Portland was settled upon land in Willamette Valley in the early 1840s by settlers arriving to Oregon via the Oregon Trail.  Portland was initially known as "The Clearing" and "Stumptown" due to the large number of felled trees that dotted the area.  Portland was renamed after the namesake City in Maine after coin toss in 1845.  By 1851 Portland had incorporated as a City and rapidly in size approaching the start of the 20th Century.

The focus of this blog will be slightly different than my typical fare.  Unlike most cities I visit there was a lot of smaller roadways and sites that I explored, really there wa…