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Former US Route 101 on Y Road near Betabel siding

Y Road is a former segment of US Route 101 in northern San Benito County located near the former Southern Pacific Railroad siding Betabel.  Y Road prior to 1932 was where US Route 101 would have crossed southbound over the San Benito River towards San Juan Highway and San Juan Bautista.  US Route 101 was realigned to the west along the Prunedale Cutoff which eventually left Y Road out of the State Highway System.  Featured as the blog cover is the end Y Road southbound where US Route 101 would have originally crossed the San Benito River.  Below is a scan of the 1935 Division of Highways Map of San Benito County which depicts Y Road east of US Route 101 as a spur of Legislative Route Number 2.  Part 1; the history of US Route 101 on Y Road in the Betabel area Betabel siding was located near Y Road to the west over the Pajaro River in Santa Clara County.  Betabel lies on land which was once part of Rancho Juristac.  By 1869 the Southern Pacific Railroad coast line reached the relocated
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Civil War Road Trip Day 2 - Antietam and Harpers Ferry

Cannons at Antietam. The second day of our adventure had us continuing through the Shenandoah Valley into West Virginia and then over to Antietam and Harpers Ferry.  It was my first visit to both locations in over twenty years, and I was looking forward to returning. Route: US 11, I-81, WV 45, WV 480, MD 34, MD 65, MD 34, WV 480, WV 230, US 340, WV 51. For a full set of photos from the second day of the trip head over here . Interstate 81 had its moments on the drive north, but it wasn't too bad overall. Our first stop would be at Antietam National Battlefield .  When I first visited in October 2001, this was my favorite of the battlefields I visited that year (Manassas, Gettysburg, Antietam). So I was excited to go back and share the trip with Colton.   Currently, the Antietam Visitors Center is being rebuilt, and a temporary one is open across from it.  After taking in the film - narrated by James Earl Jones - Colton and I began to do the self-guided auto tour of the battlefield.