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The US Routes of Fernley and Wadsworth, Nevada

Fernley and Wadsworth lie near the Lyon/Washoe County Line in northwest Nevada.  Historically Fernley and Wadsworth were tied together via the corridor US Route 40.  Despite the decommissioning of US Route 40 in Nevada the corridor of Fernley remains an active part of US Route 95A and US Route 50A.  Since the decommissioning of US Route 40 it's former alignment through Wadsworth has become part of Nevada State Route 427.  Pictured above is the 1936 Fernley Underpass which was part of US Route 40 on Main Street in Fernley. Part 1; the history of the US Route System in Fernley and Wadsworth Wadsworth is located at a northward bend of the Truckee River towards Pyramid Lake in what is today Washoe County.  During the period of the California Gold Rush the area which is presently occupied by Wadsworth was a stopping point on the California Trail known as Red Bluff.  Red Bluff can be seen on the  1863 DeGroot's Map of Nevada Territory  along the California Trail via the so called &qu