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The history of the US Route System in Alamogordo

The city of Alamogordo is located in the Tularosa Basin of southern New Mexico and is the Otero County seat.  Alamogordo is presently served by US Routes 70, 54 and 82.  When the US Route System was created during November 1926 the only US Route serving the city was US Route 366.  US Route 366 was replaced by a realigned US Route 70 during 1931.  During 1934-1935 US Route 70 was extended to California and US Route 54 was extended through Alamogordo to service the previous routing to El Paso, Texas.  US Route 82 was extended to Las Cruces during 1963 which brought it through Alamogordo.  During 1990 signage of US Route 82 was withdrawn to the end of the Cloudcroft Highway in Alamogordo.  During 2002 the mainline of US Route 70 and US Route 54 were relocated off White Sands Boulevard to the then new Alamogordo Relief Route.   Pictured as the blog cover is the 1931 Clauson's Road Map of New Mexico which depicts the city being served by US Route 366.  US Route 366 from La Luz passed th