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NCDOT Meets with Laurel Hill residents to discuss I-74

Laurel Hill is the only town along the US 74 stretch that sits between the Rockingham and Laurinburg Bypass. (Old Hundred is more of a tiny crossroads.) The meeting basically was a chance to let local residents know the possible options for building I-74 through the area. Option 1 is a total upgrade of the at-grade US 74 to Interstate standards. The other option would be upgrading US 74 but with a bypass of Laurel Hill. The bypass would run slightly north then slightly south of the town. No idea on the cost but it says the project could take seven to 10 years to complete. Story Link: Commentary: This is the first clues to what NCDOT may do with building I-74 from Rockingham to Laurinburg. most of the route will be upgraded to a limited access highway from the divided four lane today. US 74 through here is rural with a few small homes and produce stands bordering it. There is one stoplight at NC 144 in Laurel Hill. Most

WV awards MFE contract

WVDOH has recently awarded an $11 million contract to realign CR 857 near Cheat Lake. The contract awarded to Mountaineer Contractors of Kingwood. Construction should begin on the 28th and wrap up in May 2008. One note the existing BFS was purchased by the state. It's going to be torn down but the local landmark is gonna be rebuilt across the street. ( WTRF ) Commentary: This is another solid step towards the WVDOH's goal of having their segment of the Mon-Fayette Expressway completed by 2011. This realignment is near the current WV 857/I-68 interchange which will see an overhaul for the southern terminus of the two state freeway. See: WV eyes 2011 completion for Mon-Fayette Expressway

Florida Update Review and down the pike

Well over the Labor Day weekend, I finished up a Destination Florida Update. There are two new Sign Sections: First, Florida Colored US Shields . The feeling and goal is that this will turn into a VA Cutouts or PA Keystone type collection page. And it looks like the Law of Updates is in effect as I got an e-mail from Jim Teresco to use his photos. (Note: The Law of Updates is that within 48 hours of an update, I'll receive photos from a contributor on the state or subject I updated on. This happens most of the time when I introduce a new state or feature.) Second, Disney Signage . I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with this. So I asked a few folks, and their answer was "Sure, Why Not." Well at least they know the blog site. :-p Finally, Sign Gallery . The usual lot of photos from JP Natsiatka. It is soon becoming his own personal gallery! So what is next: Well right now I am working on South Carolina. The update will consist of the usual sign gallery addit

Westbound lanes of I-88 reopen

The westbound lanes of I-88 that were washed out by flooding in June reopened Friday. Gov. Pataki was at the site to announce the reopening. Traffic will run one lane in each direction over the 5.5 mile stretch of reopened highway. The eastbound lanes will reopen later this fall. There are five other roads or bridges that remanin closed as a result of the June flooding, including parts of NY 357. See Elmira Star-Gazette for more.