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Commodore Barry Bridge (US Route 322)

The Commodore Barry Bridge is a steel cantilever truss span across the Delaware which carries US Route 322 from Chester, Pennsylvania to Bridgeport, New Jersey.  The Commodore Barry Bridge was opened on February 1, 1974, as a replacement for the Chester-Bridgeport Ferry.  The Commodore Barry Bridge is the fourth longest cantilever truss span in the world and longest in the United States at 13,912 feet.  The above blog cover photo was taken during the 2022 Philadelphia, PA National Road Meet.  Part 1; the history of the Chester-Bridgeport Ferry and Commodore Barry Bridge The Chester-Bridgeport Ferry first began operations on July 1, 1930, with crew from the defunct Tacony-Palmyra Ferry.  The Chester-Bridgeport Ferry was formally dedicated by Chester Mayor Samuel Turner on July 9, 1930.  According to the Chester-Bridgeport Ferry initially was serviced by two ships: the Chester and Bridgeport.  The Chester is stated to have had a carrying capacity of 60 vehicles whereas