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Former US Route 99 West from West Sacramento to Red Bluff

US Route 99 from downtown Sacramento north through Sacramento Valley to the City of Red Bluff was once host to a East/West split alignment of US Route 99.  US Route 99 West was the original alignment of US Route 99 prior to 1928 and followed Legislative Route Number 7 over what had mostly been the Pacific Highway.  Above the original Yolo Causeway can be seen as featured in the 1916 California Highway Bulletin just after it opened.  The 1916 Yolo Causeway would later become part of US Route 99 West and US Route 40.  Below US Route 99 West can be seen traversing north from Sacramento via Legislative Route Number 6 and 7 to the Red Bluff on the 1938 Division of Highways State Map.   Previous Gribblenation blogs pertaining to the history of US Route 99 in the cities of Sacramento and Red Bluff can be found below: Highways in and around Old Sacramento; US 40, US 99W, CA 16, CA 24, CA 70, CA 99, 275 and more Former US Route 99 in Red Bluff (the US Route 99 West and US Route 99 East split) P