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Golden State Highways and California Travel Directory

Over the years Gribblenation has compiled hundreds of articles relating to highways in California along with copious amount of scenery the State has to offer.  One thing that I've frequently received feedback on over the years is that it can be difficult to track down specific articles.  The Golden State Highways and California Travel Directory aims to change this by making a go-to page for anything we feature related to California. Intro to Golden State Highways and California Travel Directory Pictured above as the cover photo for the Golden State Highways and California Travel Directory is California State Route 89 above Lake Tahoe east of Emerald Bay.  I picked the above photo for a specific reason; it features a part of the State Highway System that often is overlooked by mainstream travel websites.  While California State Route 1 in Big Sur may garner much deserved attention the Highway System in California has even more to offer in the form of; massive freeways, count

California's Rogue Sign State Route Shields

While recently revisiting Yosemite National Park I took a couple minutes to capture some of the California Sign State Route shields posted by the National Park Service ("NPS").  None of the NPS shields were actually posted on roadways maintained by Caltrans but were clearly intended to create route continuity with the Sign State Highways.  This phenomenon is not exclusive to Yosemite National Park and can be found on numerous roads not maintained by Caltrans throughout California. Part 1; Route continuity over who maintains the route In the very early era of State Highways in California the Division of Highways didn't actually field sign the Auto Trails or even US Routes.  The responsibility of Highway signage fell to the California State Automobile Association ("CSAA") and Automobile Club of Southern California ("ACSC").  The Auto Clubs simply signed Highways on roadways that best served navigational purposes.  These navigational purposes ofte