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Interstate 5; Southern San Diego County to California State Route 99 in Wheeler Ridge

Recently I had the opportunity to drive a large section of Interstate 5 from California State Route 54 in southern San Diego north to California State Route 99 in Wheeler Ridge in Kern County.

Interstate 5 in California is the second longest highway in the State at 796 miles.  I-5 in California spans from the Mexican border in the southern City Limits of San Diego north to the Oregon State Line in Siskiyou County.  Given that I-5 has such substantial length I thought it would be best to divide any blogs featuring it up into 150-200 mile segments.  The first segment of the I-5 series in California as noted above traverses through much of the San Diego and Los Angeles Metro Areas to San Joaquin Valley over the Grapevine Grade. Much of this segment of I-5 was built over corridors once occupied by US 101, US 99 and US 6.  For simplicity sake my intent it mainly to focus on the route of I-5 and the history of the construction of the freeway segments it occupies. has a substa…