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NCDOT State Highway Building Luncheonette receives a 'B' Rating

In WRAL's weekly rundown of restaurant ratings, the State Highway Building Luncheonette here on Wilmington St in Raleigh received a 'B' rating. It received an 88.5 score. Tops is 100. An 'A' Grade is 90 and above. Issues were - numerous items were stored at the wrong temperature. And dirty utensils with food still stuck on them were found. In the past, the luncheonette had previously ratings of 96.5 (April 2007) and 99 (November 2006). Hopefully, the folks at the DOT working there will soon see improved conditions at the luncheonette. Story and video: WRAL-TV

More news on the NC 218 improvements

Last month, I blogged about how safety improvements to NC 218 may be made thanks to some quick thinking over at NCDOT. Well, there's some more information on the proposal and its status. The NC 218 improvements plan goes in front of the Mecklenburg-Union Metropolitan Planning Organization for its approval on July 16. And that if approved, construction would begin in 2012. Story: News 14 Carolina - Charlotte

WV prepares to begin on the Shawnee Parkway

This is something I am sure Sherman Cahal will be tracking in the future. On Monday, West Virginia broke ground on the first 1.26 miles of the Shawnee Parkway, a 21.7 two-lane 55 mph scenic highway that will run from Ghent in Raleigh County to the town of Crumpler in McDowell County. The Parkway has been under consideration and in planning for over 20 years. Interestingly, the highway is planned to end in Crumpler at what will become I-73/74 also known as the King Coal Highway. Story: Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Lots of NC Toll Road News

I don't even know where to begin. After the NC House passed their budget - which would allocate money from the former Highway to General fund transfer towards 'gap financing' of toll roads - the Senate worked on their version of the budget with their own influences and what not. So let's review: NC House passes their version of the budget. The budget authorizes $25 million a year towards the completion of the Triangle Expressway. This transfer will begin in the upcoming budget (FY 2008-09) and would last 39 years. Next year (FY 2009-10), a $24 million 'gap financing' transfer would begin for the Monroe Bypass. That passed two weeks ago. Now the Senate has of course their version of the budget, and along with that, the Senate has their own political power structure. This includes David Hoyle (D-Gaston County). Hoyle was very instrumental in getting the US 321 freeway from I-85 in Gastonia to I-40 in Hickory built in the 1990s. Hoyle is hoping to include addin

Weekend trip to Asheville

Last weekend, took a trip to Asheville to beat the heat. For the 100 photo flickr set, go here . On Saturday, we spent the day exploring town. There is a lot to see in Downtown Asheville. It is unique to most of the major North Carolina cities, in that most if not all of the older buildings have been preserved allowing for a character you don't find in a Charlotte or a Raleigh. Basilica St. Lawrence : Built in 1909, the Basilica is awe inspiring, and the rose garden was in full bloom. Here are a few shots from Downtown Asheville: Wall St. has an older European feel. Facade at the top of the Public Service Building. The S&W Building. Now home to a very nice restaurant. Facade of the Grove Arcade . We ate dinner at Carmel's Restaurant and Bar here. The second day was a bit more of exploring. Route: US 19/23, NC 63, NC 209, US 25/70, (NC 213), I-26, I-240, I-40...etc home. NC 63 north of Leicester is a very thrilling and twisty drive. It's

Triangle Expressway clears first legislative hurdle

Construction of the proposed Triangle Expressway toll road took a small legislative step to becoming a reality this week when the NC House approved an annual transfer of $25 million for 39 years to finance the highway. The $25 million will come from the phasing out of the controversial transfer of an annual $172.5 million from the Highway Fund to the General Fund. In the following year, 2010, the transfer would grow to $49 million to provide gap funding to the Monroe Bypass outside of Charlotte. The decision to slowly eliminate the annual transportation funds transfer to the general fund was passed in the House's version of the state budget. The budget now goes to the House. Last year, two different versions of 'gap funding' for toll roads were passed by the NC House and Senate. However, an agreement between both legislative bodies was never made and no money was allocated towards the highway. NCTA officials claim that if the 'gap funding' is approved - construc

I-73/74 Corridor Association has their own "road meet" in Greensboro

...and we weren't invited. A few days ago, May 22nd and 23rd to be exact, the National Interstates 73/74 Corridor Association held their annual Spring Road Rally at the Grandover in Greensboro. Now this isn't a new concept, we held a "road rally" of our own in Greensboro last October . The folks at the I-73/74 Association even have photos of their gathering online and available here . Various states made presentations on the progress of I-73 and I-74 in their states. Obviously, North Carolina would have a lot to say and Ohio very little. It is unknown whether or not any other items on their agenda were accomplished. You'd think with all that, they'd at least invite our own Bob Malme to attend. Also, the folks at the I-73/74 Corridor Association have started their own blog . It'll be added to the blog roll along with a recently added link to the US 50 Corridor Association of Maryland and West Virginia blog .