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California State Route 36

Through my travels this past decade one of the more frequent highways I've driven in Northern California has been California State Route 36.  California State Route 36 ("CA 36") is a lengthy 250 mile east/west State Highway.  CA 36 begins at US Route 101 in Alton of Humboldt County and crosses the Coast Ranges to Red Bluff in Sacramento Valley.  From Sacramento Valley CA 36 continues east via the dividing line of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Cascade Mountains to US Route 395 near Susanville.  CA 36 passes through the Counties of; Humboldt, Trinity, Shasta, Tehama, Plumas, and Lassen over it's 250 mile alignment.

Part 1; the history of California State Route 36The origins of CA 36 date back to the era of the California Gold Rush.  Specifically what is now CA 36 between Red Bluff east to Susanville was constructed during the 1860s as a part of two wagon routes according to the September 1950 California Highways & Public Works article titled "Crossing the Sier…