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The history of US Route 80 in El Paso

The city of El Paso is the largest community in western Texas and is historically tied to the corridor of US Route 80.  Mainline US Route 80 beginning in 1926 was aligned westbound through El Paso via Alameda Avenue, Texas Avenue and Mesa Street.  During the late 1930s US Route 80A was designated as an alternate routing west of downtown El Paso over what was constructed as Texas State Highway Loop 1.  US Route 80A would be expanded during 1950 following the completion of Paisano Drive but would ultimately be deleted in 1964.  Mainline US Route 80 would move to a multiplex of Interstate 10 through El Paso beginning in 1969.  The original surface routing of US Route 80 in El Paso would subsequently be repurposed as part of Texas State Highway 20.  US Route 80 would continue to persist in El Paso until the highway was truncated to Dallas in 1991.   Part 1; the history of US Route 80 in El Paso The origin of El Paso dates back to 1680 when it became the seat of governance of Spanish ruled