California State Route 263; former US Route 99 in the Shasta River Canyon

Nestled below Interstate 5 in the Shasta River Canyon of Siskiyou County one can find a surprisingly scenic highway in the form of California State Route 263.  California State Route 263 is also a relic of the 1931 alignment of US Route 99 north of the City of Yreka.   California State Route 263 ("CA 263") is a 8 mile north/south State Highway contained entirely in Siskiyou County.  CA 263 originates at CA 3 in the City of Yreka and follows the Shasta River Canyon north to a terminus at CA 96 at the confluence of the Shasta River and Klamath River.  As noted above CA 263 was formerly a piece of US Route 99 ("US 99") which was completed in 1931.  Part 1; the history of US Route 99 and California State Route 263 in the Shasta River Canyon
The era of State Highways in the Shasta River Canyon began with the 1909 First State Highway Bond Act which was approved by voters in 1910.  One of the early Legislative Routes was a highway between the Oregon State Line south to the C…
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