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Former California State Route 49 on Main Street and Gold Strike Lane in San Andreas

San Andreas is one of classic communities of the western Sierra Nevada Mountains and is the present Calaveras County seat.  San Andreas is traversed by California State Route 49 which is known as the Golden Chain Highway.  Modern California State Route 49 currently passes through San Andreas via a bypass of downtown on Charles Street.  Prior to the current bypass alignment being constructed California State Route 49 passed through San Andreas via Main Street and Gold Strike Road.   The difference between the modern alignment California State Route 49 and the original can be seen on this map illustration below. Part 1; the history of California State Route 49 in San Andreas   San Andreas was founded by Mexican Miners during 1848 and was named after Andrew the Apostle.  San Andreas was initially largely based around placer claims which were quickly exhausted during the early California Gold Rush.  A large gold vein was discovered in an underground stream during 1853 which led to San Andr
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Hawaii Route 3800 to Kahului Airport

Hawaii Route 3800 is an approximately 1.5-mile State Highway located on the Island of Maui.  Hawaii Route 3800 begins at Hawaii Route 311/Hawaii Route 3500 in Kahului.  Hawaii Route 3800 continues eastbound to Kahului Airport via a short multiplex of Hawaii Route 380 on Dairy Road and Mayor Elmer F. Cravalho Way.  Hawaii Route 3800 is the newest State Highway on Maui and was fully opened to traffic on July 23, 2016.  Much of Hawaii Route 3800 was originally known as Kahului Airport Access Road and assumed the current name of Mayor Elmer F. Cravalho Way effective July 1, 2017.  Part 1; the history of Hawaii Route 3800 Phase 1 construction of the Kahului Airport Access Road began on November 8, 2013.  The Kahului Airport Access Road was intended to supplement existing Hawaii Route 36A on Keolani Place as the primary access to Kahului Airport.  The Kahului Airport Access Road was planned as an expressway by the Airport Division of the Hawaii Department of Transportation.  Phase 1 of the