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Former Arizona State Route 89L

Arizona State Route 89L was a 3.41-mile state highway which once existed in the city of Page.  Arizona State Route 89L served as loop of US Route 89 which followed Lake Powell Boulevard.  Arizona State Route 89L was commissioned during 1968 and was ultimately abandoned during 2001.  Despite Arizona State Route 89L essentially serving as a business loop of US Route 89 a formal designation was never sought with the American Association of State Highway Officials.  Arizona State Route 89L is the only Arizona State Highway to carry an "L" suffix.  Featured as the blog cover is the 1985 United States Geological Survey Map of Page which depicts Arizona State Route 89L as "US Route 89 Loop."  The history of Arizona State Route 89L Page was founded during 1957 as a town to house workers constructing Glen Canyon Dam.  Construction of Glen Canyon Dam and Page came in conjunction with a new highway over the Colorado River.  This culminated with the completion of Glen Canyon Da

Former US Route 60 and US Route 70 on Main Street in Quartzsite, Arizona

Quartzsite is located along Interstate 10 and US Route 95 in the Sonoran Desert of La Paz County, Arizona.  Main Street in Quartzsite historically is tied to the corridors of US Route 60 and US Route 70.  This blog will examine the history of highway designations in Quartzsite with special emphasis on placed on US Route 60 and US Route 70.  US Route 60 and US Route 70 can be seen passing through Quartzsite on the 1942 United States Geological Survey map.   Part 1; the history of US Route 60 and US Route 70 in Quartzsite The present town of Quartzsite lies near the historic location of Tyson's Wells .  Tyson's Wells was settled by Charles Tyson during 1856.  Tyson built a small fortification around his water supply.  Tyson's Wells would become a well-known watering hole for stages after mining claims were struck in the La Paz Mining District during 1862.  Tyson's Wells would become one of the primary resupply points for stages traveling along the highways from the La Paz