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California State Route 13

On my recent Bay Area trips I had an opportunity to drive the Warren Freeway segment of California State Route 13.

CA 13 is an approximately 10 mile State Highway which runs from I-80/I-580 in Berkeley eastward to I-580 in Oakland.  CA 13 presently has 4 miles of unbuilt roadway which would connect it to CA 61 at both terminus points near Emeryville and Oakland International Airport.  CA 13 is the second designation of the number which was originally assigned to the CA 17 briefly from 1934 likely until 1936.

CA 13 was designated in 1964 on what was Legislative Route Number 258 between CA 61 to I-580, LRN 227 from I-580 to CA 24 and CA 24/LRN 206 to CA 61.  The change in designations during the 1964 State Highway Renumbering can be observed by comparing the State Highway Map City Insert to the 1963 edition.

1963 State Highway Map City Insert

1964 State Highway Map City Insert

In terms of designations LRN 258 was approved by the State Legislature in 1959 according to  The segment between Oakland International Airport and LRN 5 (US 50 at the time, now modern I-580) was the only portion of LRN 258 that was to be incorporated into CA 13. The remaining portion of LRN 258 south to Newark would be assigned to CA 61 in 1964. on LRN 258

LRN 227 was designated by the State Legislature in 1947 between CA 24/LRN 75 and US 50/LRN 5 in 1947 according to on LRN 227

LRN 227 can be seen on the 1948 State Highway Map City Insert.  The implied route of LRN 227 is shown to largely follow Mountain Boulevard between CA 24 southeast to US 50.

1948 State Highway Map City Insert

The first segment of LRN 227 on what would be known as the Warren Freeway is shown completed south of CA 24 to Moraga Avenue on the 1953 State Highway Map City Insert.

1953 State Highway Map City Insert

LRN 227 is shown completed to Park Boulevard by 1955.

1955 State Highway Map City Insert

LRN 227 is shown completed just south of Joaquin Miller Road by 1958.

1958 State Highway Map City Insert

On the 1965 State Highway Map City Insert CA 13 on the Warren Freeway is shown complete past 35th Avenue.

1965 State Highway Map City Insert

By 1967 the CA 13 on the Warren Freeway is shown complete to I-580.

1967 State Highway Map City Insert

Interestingly CA 24 stayed signed on the route of LRN 206 after the 1964 State Highway renumbering.  Even though CA 24 remained signed on the route of LRN 206 the hidden state designation was changed to LRN 13.  CA 24 remained on it's original surface alignment on LRN 13 until it was moved to it's modern freeway alignment to Oakland in 1970.

1969 State Highway Map City Insert

1970 State Highway Map City Insert

LRN 206 was designated in 1935 by the State Legislature according to west from LRN 75 via Tunnel Road and Ashby Avenue to US 40 in Berkeley.  CA 13 still uses Tunnel Road and Ashby Avenue to reach I-80/I-580 which can be seen from the freeway exit signage below.

CA 24/LRN 206 ended at US 40 at the intersection of Ashby Avenue and San Pablo Avenue before the Bay Bridge was built.  The Bay Bridge opened in 1936 and US 40 moved to the East Shore Freeway (modern I-80/I-580) which led to CA 24/LRN 206 being extended to it via Ashby Avenue.  CA 13 would inherit this route when the signage of CA 24 was shifted to it's modern alignment by 1970.  This photo below is on CA 13 looking east at San Pablo Avenue (modern CA 123) which was original eastern start of CA 24.

My approach to CA 13 on the Warren Freeway was on High Street after I had completed the small constructed segment of CA 77.   CA 13/Warren Freeway traffic is directed onto I-580 east via MacArthur Boulevard.

I-580 east doesn't have a direct connection to CA 13/Warren Freeway.  CA 13 traffic is directed onto Exit 26 where it must enter the Warren Freeway via Calaveras Avenue and Mountain Boulevard.

The Warren Freeway segment of CA 13 is only 5 miles in length north to CA 24.  Interestingly the ridge utilized by the Warren Freeway apparently is directly on top of the Hayward Fault which devastated Alameda County in 1868.  Past CA 24 the route of CA 13 drops to a normal surface street on Tunnel Road.  I turned eastward on CA 24 via Exit 5C towards the Caldecott Tunnel.


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