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Former US Route 101, US Route 91, California State Route 10 and California State Route 18 in Anaheim

Anaheim of Orange County, California was the crossroads of numerous major highways.  Anaheim was traditionally part of the corridor of US Route 101 which originally was aligned along Los Angeles Street (now Anaheim Boulevard).  During 1934 California State Route 18 was aligned through Anaheim via Center Street and was joined by California State Route 10 on the Manchester Boulevard Extension during 1937.  California State Route 10 in Anaheim was replaced by US Route 101 Bypass by 1940 and US Route 91 began to multiplex California State Route 18 by 1947.   The original highway alignments through Anaheim were replaced by the developing corridors of the Santa Ana Freeway and Riverside Freeway during the 1950s-1960s.  This blog will explore the history of Signed Highway alignments through the city of Anaheim.  Featured as the blog cover is a then new segment of California State Route 10 along the Manchester Boulevard Extension in Anaheim from the May 1937 California Highways & Public Wo