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Former US Route 99 in Everett and Marysville

US Route 99 was aligned through the Snohomish County cities of Everett and Marysville when the US Route System was created during November 1926.  Early US Route 99 inherited the alignment of the Pacific Highway which was simplified during 1927 between Everett to Marysville way of Smith Island and Spenser Island.  US Route 99 was heavily modernized by way of the Broadway cutoff in Everett and Maryville bypass during 1954.  US Route 99 would be replaced by Interstate 5 when the freeway between Everett and Marysville opened to traffic during May 1965.  Featured as the blog cover is a view on former northbound US Route 99 atop the 1927 Snohomish River Bridge between Everett and Marysville.  US Route 99 can be seen on the 1965 Official Highway Map of the State of Washington passing through Everett on Broadway and the Marysville bypass.  This blog is part of the larger Gribblenation US Route 99 Page.  For more information pertaining to the other various segments of US Route 99 and it's