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Hey! Hey!

Now this may seem off topic(or not) for this blog; but I figured it's worth noting. Recently Adam Prince and Billy Riddle made a road trip to Montgomery, AL; clinching highways and counties was the order of the day, as it always is with any East Coast Hive Mind roadtrip; but another objective was to go to Flea Market Montgomery and meet Sammy Stephens: the gent in the video above. Now, not only did they get to meet Sammy, but Sammy graciously took some of his time to shoot a short video with Adam and Billy. Now this might not strike you as a particularly momentous event or anything; but it impresses me. Now we all know somebody like Sammy-a crazy kind of goofy dude who's hard not to like. And we might dismiss such a person, 'Yeah, he's crazy'-and not think much of him. In doing so, you miss something: Now Sammy caught Adam's fancy sometime back, and Adam had been noting him in the Roadgeek IRC chat. That, of course lead to the road trip and so on. Now North Car

NY - First stimulus projects ready for bid

The first construction and renovation projects eligible for funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) could be put to bid as early as this week, according to New York Governor David Paterson. Local officials learned last week that transportation projects have been approved in several Upstate New York counties. More will be announced in the coming weeks. This story is according to the Legislative Gazette of New York. Read the article at...