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Harmon Tunnel - Pammel State Park, Iowa

  Madison County, Iowa is known for their covered bridges, romanticized by print publications and even movies. But did you know that Madison County is home to Iowa's only highway tunnel? Located at the Pammel State Park just to the southwest of Winterset is the Harmon Tunnel. But what's the deal with the tunnel, you may be asking yourself. Built in 1858, the Harmon Tunnel was originally dug by William Harmon and his sons as a small chute in order to carry water that was diverted from a nearby bend in the Middle River to power a saw mill which was later converted into use as a grist mill. While the mill was closed and abandoned in 1904, the tunnel was expanded to allow vehicular traffic in 1925, just in time for Pammel State Park to open in 1928. The Harmon Tunnel has since been expanded and reinforced to accommodate modern vehicles. The Harmon Tunnel was originally designed to pass through the narrowest part of the horseshoe bend of bedrock and a limestone ridge that natural

Hoyt Station Covered Bridge - New Brunswick

  Built in 1936, the Hoyt Station Covered Bridge is a 67 foot long covered bridge built with a Howe truss design, which is a typical design of covered bridge found in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. Also known as the Back Creek Bridge #2, the covered bridge spans over the Back Creek on Hoyt Station Road near the community of Hoyt, New Brunswick. The Hoyt Station Covered Bridge can be found right off of NB 101 between Welsford and Fredericton Junction. I found that this is an exceptional area for visiting waterfalls along the nearby South Oromocto River and a few covered bridges as well. Bridge plaques atop the covered bridge. Western portal of the Hoyt Station Covered Bridge. How to Get There: Sources and Links: My New Brunswick - Hoyt Station Covered Bridge Round Barns & Covered Bridges - New Brunswick Covered Bridge List Derek Grant Digital -  Hoyt Station Covered Bridge - Back Creek #2 New Brunswick Covered Bridges -  Hoyt Station Covered Bridge: Sunbury County

Federal Highway GUA 10D the Southern Superbypass of Guadalajara

Federal Highway GUA 10D is tolled Autopista located near the Guadalajara metropolitan area of the Mexican state of Jalisco.  Federal Highway GUA 10D is 111 kilometers in length spanning from Federal Highway 80D/90D near Zapotlanejo east to Federal Highway 15D at El Arenal.  Federal Highway GUA 10D does not follow the established numbering conventions of the Federal Highway System and is one of the new facilities in Mexico as it was fully dedicated during January 2018.  Federal Highway GUA 10D is known as "Macrolibramiento Sur de Guadalajara" which translates into English as "Southern Superbypass of Guadalajara.   Part 1; the history of Federal Highway GUA 10D The purpose of Federal Highway GUA 10D is to permit freight traffic to bypass the city of Guadalajara as a component of the Nogales highway corridor.  As presently configured Federal Highway GUA 10D functions as a true bypass Guadalajara metro area and has only seven junctions.  Federal Highway GUA 10D only serves a

Tynemouth Creek Covered Bridge - New Brunswick

Built in 1927, the Tynemouth Creek Covered Bridge near St. Martin's, New Brunswick is 94 feet (or roughly 28 meters long. The Tynemouth Creek Covered Bridge is one of a handful of covered bridges in the St. Martin's area (the Hardscrabble and Vaughan Creek Covered Bridges are likely more notable), which makes it perfect for combining the covered bridges as part of your visit. The bridge spans over the Tynemouth Creek, which is a tidal estuary and can make a pretty unique setting as far as covered bridges go. Like many covered bridges across the province of New Brunswick, the Tynemouth Creek Covered Bridge has a rustic and rural charm to it, which I certainly enjoyed as I explored what this great seaside covered bridge has to offer. Only a few thousand feet north of the Bay of Fundy, the Tynemouth Creek Covered Bridge certainly gets battered by the elements. Whether it is solely by nature, or assisted by high clearance vehicles is another story. The Tynemouth Creek Covered Bridg

Gordie Howe Rising: New Landmark Bridge Begins Taking Shape in Detroit

  On the south side of Detroit, MI, a new engineering landmark is steadily rising from the ground that will take its place among the great North American engineering achievements of the last 100 years upon completion. Under construction for the last couple years, the Gordie Howe International Bridge is a massive cable-stayed bridge intended to span the Detroit River between Detroit, MI, USA and Windsor, ON, Canada. It will become the largest such bridge in North America and the world upon its completion and will feature A-shaped pylons that will stand over 700 ft tall, plus a center span of about 2,800 ft. First proposed in 2004 as a means of supplementing the already-existing Detroit River crossings in the area (the Ambassador Bridge and Detroit-Windsor Tunnel), the project has gone through years of legal challenges and environmental review. The existing Ambassador Bridge carries approximately 25% of all commercial merchandise trade between the USA and Canada, and the need for a new