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Hawaii Route 3800 to Kahului Airport

Hawaii Route 3800 is an approximately 1.5-mile State Highway located on the Island of Maui.  Hawaii Route 3800 begins at Hawaii Route 311/Hawaii Route 3500 in Kahului.  Hawaii Route 3800 continues eastbound to Kahului Airport via a short multiplex of Hawaii Route 380 on Dairy Road and Mayor Elmer F. Cravalho Way.  Hawaii Route 3800 is the newest State Highway on Maui and was fully opened to traffic on July 23, 2016.  Much of Hawaii Route 3800 was originally known as Kahului Airport Access Road and assumed the current name of Mayor Elmer F. Cravalho Way effective July 1, 2017.  Part 1; the history of Hawaii Route 3800 Phase 1 construction of the Kahului Airport Access Road began on November 8, 2013.  The Kahului Airport Access Road was intended to supplement existing Hawaii Route 36A on Keolani Place as the primary access to Kahului Airport.  The Kahului Airport Access Road was planned as an expressway by the Airport Division of the Hawaii Department of Transportation.  Phase 1 of the

Milby Covered Bridge - Quebec

  The Eastern Townships of Quebec have plenty in common with its southern neighbors in Vermont and New Hampshire. Many of its original settlers came from New England in search of a good home and suitable farmland. With that, they also brought along some classic features that are found all over northern New England, such as round barns and covered bridges. So it is no surprise that there used to be over 200 covered bridges around Quebec's Eastern Townships . While there's only 21 covered bridges in the Eastern Townships today, many of the remaining bridges are easy to visit as part of a trip around the region. The Milby Covered Bridge near Waterville, Quebec is one such covered bridge in the area. Built in 1873, the Milby Covered Bridge spans over the Moe's River in what was the community of Milby, now part of Waterville. The bridge was built by Robert and John Hood, who won a contract to construct the bridge for $1,350 in total. The Milby Covered Bridge spans 80 feet and 1

Stanislaus-Calaveras County Route J14

County Route J14 is a 47.91-mile highway located within Stanislaus County and Calaveras County.  Presently County Route J14 is aligned between California State Route 99 in Turlock to California State Route 26 near Jenny Lind.  County Route J14 traverses some of the more obscure areas of northern San Joaquin Valley and the Sierra Nevada Foothills.  A portion of California State Route 165 from Turlock to Los Banos was once part of the original scope of County Route J14.  Part 1; the history of County Route J14 County Route J14  was not one of the original Sign County Routes defined in 1958 when the California County Route Marker Program began.  County Route J14 was defined sometime between 1964-65 as a new highway aligned from California State Route 152-33 in Los Banos north to California State Route 26 near Jenny Lind.  As originally defined County Route J14 was approximately 78 miles in length which made it slightly longer than County Route J16.  County Route J14 can be seen below on