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Etowah Memorial Bridge - Gadsden, Alabama

Open-spandrel concrete arch bridges are beautiful sights that date back to an earlier era of bridge building.  A commonly-used bridge-building style during the early 20th century, many of these bridges are nearly a century old and are gradually disappearing. The many open-spandrel arches of the Etowah Memorial Bridge. However, in Gadsden, Alabama - a nearly 100-year-old bridge of this grand style is a stoic piece of the city's fabric.  Opened in 1927, this 1,094-foot-long bridge spans the Coosa River as a tribute to Etowah County citizens that served in the First World War. The Coosa Riverwalk leads you directly to the Etowah Memorial Bridge. Construction of the bridge began in 1925 - the same year East Gadsden was annexed as part of the city.  The new bridge cost $400,000 to construct - and carries Broad Street over the river. The Riverwalk allows you to get up close and personal with the bridge. The Etowah Memorial Bridge is a focal point of Gadsden's new Riverwalk at Coosa L

The reemergence of US Route 99 at the Ventura Freeway/Golden State Freeway interchange

During April 2023 a portion of the sign gantry on the eastbound Ventura Freeway (California State Route 134) approaching the Golden State Freeway (Interstate 5) fell.  The fallen portion of the sign gantry revealed a once covered US Route 99 shield.  The uncovered US Route 99 sign (blog cover courtesy Ian Ligget) is a 1956-63 era freeway specification US Route shield.  This blog will explore in brief how the Golden State Freeway was developed as US Route 99 and US Route 6 before becoming solely Interstate 5.   This blog is part of the larger Gribblenation US Route 99 Page.  For more information pertaining to the other various segments of US Route 99 and it's three-digit child routes check out the link the below. Gribblenation US Route 99 Page Part 1; visiting the US Route 99 shield at the Ventura Freeway/Golden State Freeway Interchange As noted in the introduction the US Route 99 shield can be seen on the eastbound Ventura Freeway (California State Route 134) approaching the Golde