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Future Interstate 685 Comes to North Carolina

Future Interstate 685 sign along US 421 near Sanford. (Tracy Snead) North Carolina's newest Future Interstate is officially here. Future I-685 which will run from I-85 in Greensboro along US 421 to Sanford, and then on a yet to be determined route to I-95 in Eastern North Carolina. The Future I-685 signs can be found along US 421 near Sanford. The push for an Interstate along US 421 in North Carolina dates to the 1960s as one of the many requested Interstate corridors the state made when additional Interstate mileage was being granted.  In the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the US 421 corridor from I-85 in Greensboro to I-95 in Dunn was named a "High Priority Corridor."  As the highway gets upgraded to Interstate standards, the real Interstate shields can appear.  But they may have to figure out where the future Interstate highway will end first. You can follow along on I-685's progress at  Bob Malme's Future Interstate Site . Many thanks to Tracy Sn

Zero Mile Stone - Charleston, West Virginia

  A zero mile, point of origin, or in many places in the world, a zero kilometer, is used to serve as a point from which roads, squares, or lots are measured . Many cities, states, and countries historically have had a zero mile from which they measure distances, including  Detroit, Michigan , and  Washington, D.C . Even international locations such as Pune and Nagpur in India have a zero mile stone. At one time, the United States Geological Survey would use post offices to mark the zero mile of towns, but now use landmarks such as city halls or town squares. During a search of Google Maps, I stumbled across a Zero Mile Stone located in Charleston, West Virginia, and I felt it was right down my alley to make it a point to visit when my travels took me to that corner of the Mountain State. Located on Kanawha Boulevard (US 60) across the street from the West Virginia State Capitol building and grounds, the Zero Mile Stone of the State Road Commission of West Virginia was originally pu

Guadalupe Canyon Parkway

Guadalupe Canyon Parkway is a four-mile mountainous expressway located in the San Mateo County, California. Guadalupe Canyon Parkway connects Market Street in Daly City east to Bayshore Boulevard (former US Route 101) via San Bruno Mountain. The corridor was completed as a partially limited access road in 1968 and is mostly known for being part of the famous chase scene in the movie Bullitt. Part 1; the history of Guadalupe Canyon Parkway San Bruno Mountain is a fault block horst which extends from northern San Mateo County into the city of San Francisco.  San Bruno Mountain has a peak elevation of 1,319 feet above sea leave but carries a prominence of 1,114 feet.  During the 1840s Bruno de Heceta coined the name "Sierra de San Bruno" to honor his patron saint.  When California became an American state, the name was retained and would be anglicized to "San Bruno Mountain" by the United States Geological Survey.  San Bruno Mountain would become a popular location f

Mount Madonna Road

Mount Madonna Road is a 6.6-mile rural highway which originates at Casserly Road in Santa Cruz County and terminates at Redwood Retreat Road in Santa Clara County. As the name suggests the road climbs over Mount Madonna in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Mount Madonna Road for a short roadway features numerous varying conditions. The road is mostly single lane with a crest which lies an elevation of 1,714 feet above sea level. Much of the gradient is steep and has inclines as high as 12.9%. There is also a dirt portion north of Summit Road which descends through a Coastal Redwood grove. Mount Madonna Road is the original highway which connected Watsonville and Gilroy. Traditionally the roadway was known as "Watsonville Road" but was ultimately replaced by Hecker Pass Highway (now California State Route 152) in 1928. The modern road nomenclature appears to have been in place since Mount Madonna Park expanded in 1953. Part 1; the history of Mount Madonna Road Mount Madonna Roa