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Former US Route 60-70 on Jack Rabbit Trail

When US Route 60 was extended into California during the early 1930s it was aligned towards a terminus in Los Angeles.  From Beaumont US Route 60 followed the original Jack Rabbit Trail west through the Moreno Valley Badlands via Legislative Route Number 19 towards Riverside.  The original Jack Rabbit Trail was a narrow and inadequate roadway which was replaced by a modernized grade during mid-1930s which is still in use as part of California State Route 60.  For a brief time, US Route 70 multiplexed US Route 60 via Jack Rabbit Trail in its first route description upon being extended to California.  Above as the blog cover is a view on Jack Rabbit Trail facing eastward into the Moreno Valley Badlands.  Below is a snipped image from the 1935 Division of Highways Map of Riverside County which depicted US Route 60 and US Route 70 in the Moreno Valley Badlands on Jackrabbit Trail.   Part 1; the history of US Route 60-70 on Jack Rabbit Trail What became US Route 60 (US 60) on Jack Rabbit T

The unsigned Hawaii Routes of Oahu

Circa 1955 following the conclusion of World War II the United States Bureau of Public Roads renumbered the Hawaii Route System.  The 1955 Hawaii Route Renumbering saw most of the conventions utilized by the current Hawaii State Route System established.  Primary Hawaii Routes were given two-digit numbers whereas Secondary Hawaii Routes were given three-digit numbers.  The Hawaii Routes were assigned in sequence for what Island/County they were located on coupled with what Federal Aid Program number they were tied to.  In the case of Oahu the Island was assigned numbers in the range of 60-99. The purpose of this blog is to examine each unsigned current Hawaii Route on Oahu.  Featured as the blog cover is the Middle Street overpass from eastbound Interstate H-1 which is part of unsigned Hawaii Route 7415.  Note: the unsigned Hawaii Routes on this page are sourced from the list provided on .  This page is part of the Gribblenation Oahu Highways page.  All Gribblenation