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NC: More Delays this time for I-540

I apologize in advance for sounding like a broken record, but the opening of Interstate 540 from Triangle Town Center (exit 17) to the US 64/264 Knightdale Bypass has been delayed to at least the end of January. The oft-delayed seven and a half miles of new Interstate have been under construction for at least three years. Also, costs have increased from a planned $67 million to a current amount of $73 million. Most of the delays appear to be from various environmental concerns. This past November, over nine inches of rainfall delayed the project. The road was to originally be opened in April 2006, then Fall, then the end of 2006 and now "hopefully" the end of January 2007. WRAL in Raleigh has the story and a great video if you want to see what the highway will look like whenever it is finally open. Related Posts: NC: Both I-485 and I-540 Delayed Again

Christmas Eve PA Trip

On Christmas Eve, I took a small trip through Washington and western Allegheny Counties to enjoy some freetime. Route: PA 48, PA 51, Former PA 171, PA 201, I-70, PA 519, PA 980, US 22, PA TPK 576, US 22, PA 980, PA 50, PA 519, I-70, PA 201, Former PA 171, PA 51, PA 48. Notes: Traffic was pretty light on I-70, Next to no traffic on PA TPK 576. PA 980 has a series of turns in the towns of Canonsburg and McDonald. Accomplishments: PA 519, 980 and TPK 576 clinched. New Miles on PA 50. Photos: Just South ("East") of the US 30 (Exit 2) interchange. PA TPK 576 shields are green on white with White on Green directional banners. The current end of PA TPK 576 east is at US 22 near Bavington. I am standing inside what one day will be the lanes that will carry PA TPK 576 over US 22. Just a zoom image from the same spot above this time of the exit gore and the Exit 6 ramps. (I could have zoomed further here.) A Keystone Town Marker for Hickory. It's about time I start contr

Local Sign Find - 3

This old NY State Thruway sign is found in Schenectady on Nott St. approaching Erie Blvd. Along with the old trailblazer, there's a local truck sign, and an old fire call box.

Albany County Hilltowns Trip

After running some errands today, I took a brief trip through the Hilltowns to the south of Albany. Route: NY 85, NY 443, Albany County Route 312, NY 143, NY 144, NY 396, Albany County 301, NY 443, NY 85. Notes: I clinched NY 143 and NY 396 on this trip along with Albany County 301. I also added mileage to NY 144. In Clarksville , near the Northern end of Albany County 301 there is a great replica of a stone arch bridge carrying CR 301 over the Onesquethaw Creek. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good spot to pull over and walk around to photograph it. Now for some photos: One of the many farms in southern Albany County. This one is off of Albany County 312 in Clarksville . This sign gem is located on NY 143 at Albany County 312. This old water pump is at the Albany 312 'Wye' at NY 143. Old style NY 396 shield on 396 West in Selkirk. They don't make 9's or 6's like that anymore. Albany County 301 at NY 32. Just a shot I liked.

NC: Both I-485 and I-540 openings delayed

Well can't say I was surprised here. In Charlotte, concrete work and guardrails hold the opening of I-485 to at least mid-December, if they are lucky. ( Charlotte Observer ) In Raleigh, the nine inches of rain that fell in November has pushed back I-540's opening from Triangle Town Center to the US 64/264 Knightdale Bypass to 'early next year' ( Raleigh News & Obsever )