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Former US Route 99-60-70 in Indio and Coachella Valley

Coachella Valley is located in the Sonoran Desert of Riverside County, California.  Coachella Valley is home to Indio and other communities which were part of US Routes 99, 60 and 70.  This blog will explore the alignment history of US Routes 99, 60 and 70 within the communities of Indio and Coachella Valley.  Pictured above as the blog cover is US Route 99-60-70 in the Indio on Fargo Street business district during 1935. Part 1; the history of US Routes 99-60-70 in Indio and Coachella Valley Modernized transportation in Coachella Valley dates back to the days of the Bradshaw Trail which was a stage route originating in San Bernardino which crossed through the Sonoran Desert east to the Colorado River.  During the California Gold Rush the Bradshaw Trail was plotted through the Sonoran Desert by William D. Bradshaw.  The Bradshaw Trail was plotted in 1862 through the Coachella Valley and Sonoran Desert east over the Colorado River to a new mining strike found in La Paz, Arizona.  Bradsh