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California State Route 207 I & II

On the way home from the Bay Area I took California State Route 152 east over Pacheco Pass to CA 33 where it splits north towards Santa Nella.  This particular segment of CA 33 was once the original CA 207.

The original CA 207 was created during the 1964 State Highway Renumbering out of Legislative Route 121 from CA 152 north to CA 33 in Santa Nella.  The original CA 207 was a short route at only 3 miles in length.  The change from LRN 121 to CA 207 can be seen by comparing the 1963 State Highway Map to the 1964 Map.

1963 State Highway Map

1964 State Highway Map

According to the original alignment of CA 207 was deleted in 1972 when CA 33 was shifted onto it from the previous route through Volta. on CA 207

The difference in alignments of CA 33 can be observed by comparing the 1970 State Highway Map to the 1975 State Highway Map.  CA 33 is seen multiplexing CA 152 west out of Los Banos, the previous route through Volta was deleted from the State Highway system.

1970 State Highway Map 

1975 State Highway Map

LRN 121 was adopted in 1933 according to and can be seen on the California Division of Highways Map of Merced County in 1935. on LRN 121

1935 Merced County Highway Map

The first CA 207 would have begun at CA 152 and run north from the expressway on Santa Nella Boulevard.

For a 3 mile route the first CA 207 had a lot going on as it would have quickly had a junction with the Medeiros Recreation Area almost immediately north of CA 152.

The first CA 207 would have crossed the O'Neill Forebay followed by Delta Mendota Canal before entering Santa Nella.

The first CA 207 would have terminated at CA 33/Henry Miller Avenue.

I took a right turn on Henry Miller Avenue on the old alignment of CA 33 to see what the southbound highway to Los Banos was like.  Old CA 33 would have quickly crossed I-5 in an easterly direction.

In Volta CA 33 would have merged onto the Ingomar Grade and crossed the Southern Pacific Railroad.  Volta appears to never been much but an old rail siding dating back to the 1880s/1890s for the Southern Pacific.  Interestingly there is a small guide sign directing traffic back to CA 152 via Volta Road.

CA 33 on the Ingomar Grade crossed the Southern Pacific Railroad again at the location of a former siding known as Trent.  Trent can actually be seen on the above Merced County Highway Map from 1935.

As CA 33 would have entered Los Banos the Ingomar Grade becomes H Street.  CA 33 would have taken H Street all the way through down Los Banos to CA 152 at Pacheco Boulevard.

The previous Volta Alignment of CA 33 was part of LRN 41.  LRN 41 was adopted originally in 1909 as part of the road that would become CA 180 east of Fresno to Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon National Park.  According to LRN 41 was extended westward to Tracy in 1933. on LRN 41

According to the above article about CA 207 from the second alignment of the highway was created in 1979 from CA 4 near Pacific Grade Summit/Ebbetts Pass to the Mount Reba Ski Area.  The earliest reference to the second CA 207 appears on the 1981 State Highway Map.

1981 State Highway Map

The second CA 207 is only a mile long but interestingly is signed as evidenced by this photo I took of the junction along CA 4 eastbound.  And yes, the 24% grades ahead on CA 4 over Pacific Grade Summit and Ebbetts Pass are very real.


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