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Hawaii Route 98 Vineland Boulevard

Hawaii Route 98 is a 1.8-mile State Highway located on the Island of O'ahu in the City of Honolulu.  The entirety of Hawaii Route 98 is aligned on Vineland Boulevard from Interstate H-1/Luanlilo Freeway Exit 20B to Exit 22.   This page is part of the Gribblenation O'ahu Highways page.  All Gribblenation and Roadwaywiz media related to the highway system of O'ahu can be found at the link below: Part 1; the history of Hawaii Route 98 Prior to the Statehood the first signed highways within Hawaii Territory came into existence during World War II.    During World War II the territory of Hawaii saw an influx of military activity following the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.  Numerous Military Routes and early Hawaii Routes were signed through the Hawaiian Territory to aid military personnel in navigating the islands.  Military Highways were assigned US Route style shields whereas lesser highways
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Former US Route 40, the North Lincoln Highway and Victory Highway in Newcastsle

  Newcastle is a community located in Placer County, California in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Foothils.  Newcastle was founded as a siding of the Central Pacific Railroad and throughout its history been part of numerous historic highway corridors.  Newcastle was once on the alignments of; the Northern Branch of the Lincoln Highway, Victory Highway and US Route 40.  Pictured above as the blog cover photo is the 1910 Newcastle Subway.  Part 1; the history of highway transportation in Newcastle Even prior to the California Gold Rush the present corridor of Interstate 80 was well known due to the relatively low crossing of the Sierra Nevada Mountains via what now is known as Donner Pass.  The first known wagon crossing of Donner Pass occurred during 1844.  The infamous Donner Party saga occurred in the winter of 1846-47 during which only 48 of the 87 party members survived.  Although the Donner Party incident is largely attributed to poor planning and the ill-conceived Hastings Cutoff it l